Supernatural – Season 1, Episode 11 – SCARECROW

Hello Supernatural fans! 🙂 It’s that time once again that I, for one, look forward to: your weekly review of a Supernatural episode. Today, we’ll be discussing another of my all-time favorites, Scarecrow. And yes, it is about  a killer scarecrow. Isn’t he cute?

supernatural scarecrow 1

Gotta go with Dean on this one:

Scarecrow begins with a young couple in Burkitsville, Indiana a year ago. It seems when their car broke down, the very friendly people of Burkitsville helped them get back on the road, after dark of course. But then the car broke down again outside an apple orchard before they made it to the interstate. They encounter the cuddly scarecrow, who seems to come alive, chase and kill the couple. Worst nightmare, anyone?

Cut to present day, or present day season 1 anyway. 😉 Remember the ringing phone at the end of Asylum? Sam answers and it’s Dad! He won’t tell Sam where he is but he’s after “the thing that killed Mom.” It’s a demon and Dad is closing in. He doesn’t want the boys to be a part of it. He wants them to stop looking for him.

A glimpse of Dad:

Sam is not cool with this but Dean takes down the names of the people their dad wants them to investigate, like a good little soldier. The Winchesters find that every year, a couple taking a road trip disappear during the second week of April while traveling through a certain section of Indiana. Dean wants to check it out. Sam wants to go to California and find their dad. Sam gets out of the car and starts walking. The brothers separate. 😦 The first of many, many times, leaving fan girls crying “Noooo!” across the nation.

Dean heads on to Burkitsville, where he meets the delightful Scotty, who barely glances at the photos of the missing couple. He claims he hasn’t seen them. Dean says, “Scotty, you got a smile that lights up a room. Anybody ever tell you that?” To which, Scotty says 😐

Meanwhile, Sam is walking down the road when he (almost literally) stumbles upon a fellow hitchhiker, Meg. Oh, Meg. Dude comes along and offers only Meg a ride. Sam asks, “You trust Shady Van Guy and not me?” Her response: “Definitely.” Meg will be back.

Meg & Sam

Dean finds more helpful people at the local store and heads in the direction they sent the couple in. He finds the creepy orchard, home to creepier scarecrow. The scarecrow has what appears to be some human skin (ew!) with a tattoo…that matches the tattoo of the guy from the missing couple. “Nice tat,” Dean says.

Dean heads back to town and finds out another couple is broken down. Gasp! Sam is now at the bus station, trying to get a ride to California, when he runs into Meg again. She convinces him to wait with her at the bus station.

Dean heads to Scotty’s Cafe, where he encounters the couple. He tries to get the couple to get out of town but instead he kinda freaks them out.

Scotty calls the sheriff, who chases Dean out of town. Nothing fishy going on here AT ALL. Meanwhile, Sam and Meg are bonding over family problems. She’s totally gonna score.

Of course, Dean didn’t really leave town and saves the couple from being sacrificed to the scarecrow. Dean and Sam talk, make up and it seems like they’re both going to be okay, even going their separate ways.

Dean goes to the local community college to research gods to try to find out what this scarecrow is. He talks with the Cigarette Smoking Man from The X-Files, which made me OMG because I was a major X-Phile. So cool to see an X-File alum on Supernatural, even in Season 1. There will be more in future seasons!


Although Cigarette-Smoking Man gives Dean the info he needs: that this is a Vanir, an ancient Norse god of protection. According to legend, the villagers sacrificed one male and one female each year. This is the scarecrow they’re looking for.

When Dean tries to leave, he gets knocked the eff out by the sheriff. All the townspeople are in on this. They take Dean prisoner and plan to use him as the sacrifice since he wouldn’t leave well enough alone. The female half of the sacrifice? The sweet niece of the couple who owns the local store. Her aunt and uncle took her in when her parents died in a car crash. At least that was the story. They were probably the yearly feast for the scarecrow. They never say this but…you know. When the niece asks why they’re doing this, she’s told, “For the common good.”

Sam tries to call Dean and must use his psychic thing because he knows something is wrong when he  gets Dean’s voice mail. By the way, I saw this gif earlier this year during season 8 when Sam was at a bus station and I’m so freaked out. That looks like 2013 Sam behind 2006 Sam. How did they do that??? Mind = blown. It’s probably just a coincidence. But I don’t believe in coincidences. Haha. OMG THAT LOOKS LIKE JARED PADALECKI IN 2013!!! Watch it on DVD and compare to season 8 Sam and freak out with me.

My brain hurts now. Anyway, the townsfolk take Dean and the niece to the orchard to prepare them for sacrifice. We get one of Dean’s greatest lines.

The niece asks “What’s the plan?” Dean: “I’m working on it.” Night falls. “You don’t have a plan, do you?” Dean: “I’m working on it!” They hear someone coming and start freaking out but yay! It’s Sam! 🙂

scarecrow sam and dean

Once Sam saves them, they try to take off but it turns out the townspeople stuck around to make sure the sacrifice was made. In a particularly awesome turn of events, instead of grabbing Dean and the girl, the scarecrow grabs her aunt and uncle. Some might call that karma. Just desserts? Whatever cliche you want to use, I loved it.


The oh-so-brave townspeople scurry away to save their own asses. The next morning, the Winchesters and the girl go back to the orchard and burn the “first tree” so that the scarecrow god won’t come back next year.  They then put the girl on a bus to another town. Sam and Dean talk things out and decide to stick together.

Yay! All is well. But wait! To the tune of “Bad Company,” we’re back to Meg. Why? What’s going on?? She’s hitched a ride with another creepy dude and tells him to pull over. And then she slits his throat! Holy crap! I don’t know about you, but when I first saw this, I was surprised. I didn’t think she was a good guy but I wasn’t expecting that either. She gets creepy dead guy’s blood into the bowl and starts communicating with someone she calls “Father.” She tells Father she could’ve stopped Sam, she could’ve “taken them both. Why let them go?” We don’t hear Father’s response, only Meg replying, “Yes, Father.” What is going on now?? We won’t get the answer to that question yet but next week we do get another excellent episode in FAITH. We’ll definitely be getting into more biblical aspects then so check back and join in the fun! 🙂 Thanks for reading!


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  1. Spike Cordiner

    I liked this episode, especially the relationship between the brothers which is done really well here. The way the scarecrow takes the aunt and uncle is also pretty cool. We saw that as being because the sacrifice has to be an actual couple, not just a pair of individuals. The aunt and uncle are the only couple in the woods that night!

  2. Love anything Supernatural!!

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