Season 1, Episode 10 – ASYLUM

Welcome back for another exciting #SupernaturalSunday! As always, I’m happy to guest post again this week. So let’s take a little trip into horror movie territory and go to a closed down asylum. Not creepy at all.


The place is called Roosevelt Asylum and it looks like it’s from an old episode of Ghost Hunters. The cops have been called because kids have a bad habit of breaking in. Local legend has it that if you spend the night, the spirits of old patients will drive you insane. So, of course, teenagers want to check it out. One of the cops finds the kids and kicks them out. The other one gets a nosebleed, goes home and shoots his wife, then himself. 

Sam and Dean are in a motel, arguing about their dad when Dean  gets a text on a really antiquated phone with coordinates. One of their dad’s old tricks. The coordinates lead to Rockford, Illinois. Dean finds the story of the cop and says they’re going. Sam’s getting more and more angsty but he goes.

They learn that the South Wing seems to be the center of activity so of course, they go to the asylum to investigate. They see that the chains have been cut off the door to the South Wing, and that it was chained to either keep people out or “keep something in.” There’s also a great bit of dialogue here. I’ll let Sam and Dean speak for themselves. 🙂

Sam and Dean find the grim remains of things like electroshock therapy. It’s really bothering Sam about their dad. He asks when they’re gonna talk about it. Dean says, “Oh. Let’s see. Never.” There’s an argument about following Dad’s orders and what he would want. Sam said it doesn’t matter what their dad would want. Dean’s answer:

They find out the former chief of staff at the asylum was a Dr. Ellicot. Sam goes to see Ellicot’s son, who is a psychiatrist. The younger Dr. Ellicot tries to get out of Sam what’s bothering him about his brother while Sam wants to know more about the asylum’s history, including a riot in 1964. Some patients and staff died in the riot. Some bodies were never found, including the one of Dr. Ellicott. The brothers plan to go back and check out the asylum again after dark, maybe try to find the doctor’s body.

Meanwhile, a teenage couple, Gavin and Kat, are on a date, exploring the place. Good times. I dig the paranormal but if a guy took me to a place like that on a date, I’d kick his ass. 😉

They soon find themselves trapped in the asylum, along with Sam and Dean. There are plenty of shadows dashing across the screen and ghosts in straight jackets or with messed up faces. Flashlights going out. Typical horror movie shots. The Winchesters realize the ghosts aren’t trying to physically hurt anyone, but seem to be trying to communicate. One of the ghosts traps Kat and whispers in hear ear, “137.”

While Sam tries to get Gavin and Kat out of the asylum, Dean investigates Room 137 and finds Ellicot’s journal. “This is why I get paid the big bucks,” he says. He also references The Shining for a second time with “All work and no play makes Dr. Ellicot a very dull boy.” Sam can’t get the couple out and he gets a call, supposedly from Dean telling him to come to the basement. It’s not really Dean, obviously. Sam’s flashlight dies. Hello, Sam. Sign of a spirit. Instead of Dean, he finds Dr. Ellicot and gets a little electroshock treatment. Oh no!

Dean goes to the basement to find Sam, knowing that Sam may not be Sam anymore. Here comes the confrontation that’s been building the entire episode.

Sam’s nose is bleeding and he says he’s tired of taking orders. He then shoots Dean! Holy crap! Luckily, it’s just a rock salt gun.


Dean gives Sam a real gun that he says is loaded. He tells Sam if he hates him that much to do it. Sam actually pulls the trigger :-O but Dean was smart enough to not give him a loaded gun. Phew! Dean knocks him out, finds Ellicot’s body and gets ready to salt and burn him. Dr. Feelgood, as Dean calls him, smells really nice. The spirit attacks Dean too. Oh no!


But he has a magic lighter that stays lit when he throws it at the salted body so Dr. Feelgood is toast. Yay! Ghost gone, couple safe, brothers make up. All is well again.

This was the mid-season finale because the episode ends with the brothers asleep when the phone rings. Sam answers it, sits up and says, “Dad?” Credits roll. You guys are lucky you can watch the next episode right away because leaving off like that nearly did me in in 2005!

So what was your favorite part of the episode? Mine would have to be the clip I shared with Dean teasing Sam about his psychic abilities. Tune in next week for another of my favorites, Scarecrow, and find out what Dad had to say on the phone. 🙂


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  1. I’m a few weeks behind, as I’ve been editing the heck out of my novel, but I’m catching up! I have a few fav moments in this one and one glaring mistake. (No, its not the lighter.)

    Again the director takes us into mega horror cliché, but has fun with it. The parties keep “splitting up” a sure fire sign someone is going to get red-shirted. And of course it happens each time. However the fun comes shortly after Dean, Sam and the couple split into two groups. Sam says, “You watch horror movies?” Kat says, “Yeah>” Sam, If its a hunted asylum stay out.” At which point I said to the TV. “And don’t split up!” *wife chuckled at me*

    THe other super fun part was the great vamping of movie references, starting with a FANTASTIC, small, fast one by Dean. “I’m Nigel Tuffnel…” from one of my fav movies of all time, “This is Spinal Tap”

    I had only hoped that a clip of Big Bottom, or Tonight I’m gonna Rock you Tonight, would have be in the sound track…but..ah well. :-)p The movie references flew fast and furious, ending with the second Nicholson one you mentioned. To me this is a fantastic sub-text that proved true for the whole episode: This is supposed to be fun, a bit of a romp, so enjoy.

    The two glaring mistakes. Not the lighter. He uses a Zippo, known for their durability and that they “won’t go out.” So tossing it knowing the flame will hold, was a great bit of getting it right. (imho) Unfortunately, Just before that Sam tries to shoot Dean with the unloaded gun, pulling the trigger a few times, each time with the “required” CLICK. But…gee…the pistol was a semi-auto, not a revolver. It would have clicked once, If the slide had been chambered, but further pulling of the trigger would not. :-/ Then, at the end of the episode, after being punched in the jaw so hard it knocks him out for a minute or two, Sam has no bruising or swelling, not even a simple red mark on his face…again it brought out the :-/

    Even with those minor foibles I give this one a big thumbs up.


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