Season 1, Episode 9 – HOME

Happy Supernatural Sunday! So glad to be back, guest blogging again. While the last episode I reviewed, Bugs, may have been something of a stinker, this week’s offering is considered one of the best of season 1. As the title suggests, the Winchesters are going home, back to where it all started, Lawrence, Kansas. By the way, the coming weeks have some of my all-time favorites like Scarecrow and Faith so stay tuned! πŸ™‚ Now let’s go home…(not at all creepy)


We begin with a newly single mom crying over her wedding photos. Her young daughter interrupts by telling her, “There’s something in my closet.” Of course Mom doesn’t see anything but the little girl insists she put a chair in front of the door. Mom then hears scratching sounds in the basement and when she goes to investigate, the chair moves away from the closet door by itself. The doors sloooowwwlllly swing open and a flaming spirit steps out. Yikes!

Downstairs in the basement, Mom finds pictures of the Winchesters. Awww!

Winchester family picture

Sam’s having nightmares of a woman screaming at the window of the old homestead. Guess who she is? Yup, newly single mom. Sam wants to go check it out but Dean is hesitant. So Sam has to make his big reveal, which will turn out to be HUGE for the rest of the season.

Sam: “I have these nightmares.”

Dean: “I’ve noticed.”

Sam: “And sometimes, they come true.”

Dean: “Come again?”

Sam then admits he dreamed about Jessica’s death for days before it happened. He didn’t do anything because he didn’t think it could be real. Sammy’s psychic! Dean is upset for obvious reasons, but also because he swore he’d never go back there. Of course, they go.

Dean starts to tell the mom they’re federal agents of some sort. When Sam sees her, he recognizes her from the dream and tells the truth. Or maybe he remembered Joe Whitetree from the previous episode and how he didn’t like liars. πŸ˜‰ Anyway, Mom tells them she’s having all kinds of problems with their old house. The daughter wants to know if they saw the thing in her closet when they lived there.

The guys fah-reak out but at least wait until they’re outside, away from the family. Dean calls their dad to tell him they’re in Lawrence and need help.

Back at the house, we have one of those horror movie moments. Plumber comes to fix the sink, which is clogged, sticks his hand down the drain. Of course there’s a garbage disposal. You know what happens. There’s even a monkey toy clapping along.

creepy monkey

While the plumber is losing his digits, the boys are looking into their family’s past and find out their dad went to see a local palm reader, Missouri Mosley. Dean remembers the first entry in their dad’s journal. “‘I went to Missouri and I learned the truth’. I always thought he meant the state.”

Missouri is played by the always amazing Loretta Divine. She is indeed divine, if you ask me. She knows who they are before they tell her. I also love her explanation for why she didn’t tell the previous customer that his wife is “cold-banging the gardener.” She says, “People don’t come here for the truth. They come for good news.”

Here’s a clip of their meeting. Had to include it because it was so awesome. πŸ™‚

Missouri can read thoughts and sense energies. While she’s meeting with the Winchesters, things are escalating at the house. One of the kids gets locked in the refrigerator but thank goodness he’s okay. The brothers take Missouri to the house and she knows what has happened. There are two spirits in the house, but it’s not the thing that killed their mom. They send Jenny out so they can try to cleanse the house of the spirits. It attacks them and almost kills Sam but they get the job done. Missouri tells Jenny Dean will clean up the mess. Haha!

She tells them it’s over but Sam’s not so sure. Since there’s about fifteen minutes left, we’re not finished. Sam decides to keep watch outside the house. His dream comes true when he sees Jenny banging on the window. The spirits are back and more violent than ever. Gotta love when Sam says to the little girl, “Take your brother outside as fast as you can and don’t look back.” For those of us in the know, that’s exactly what his father said to Dean when their mother was killed.

This ghost seems to really have it in for Sam but then we see who she actually is.

Mom tells the other spirit to get out of her house and let go of her son. Go Mom! She saves the day and now the spirits really are gone for good. Missouri says Mom sacrificed herself to save her sons.

The guys get ready to leave town and we stay with Missouri to find holy shit! Dad’s here too. He came but didn’t want the boys to know. He doesn’t want them to know he’s around until he finds the truth.


What exactly IS the truth? It’s going to be the end of the season before we find that out. πŸ˜‰ So stay tuned! Discussion: what was your favorite part of this episode? Mine’s got to be the “whack you with a spoon” line. Come back next week when we take a trip to the Asylum. *cue creepy music*

(Side note: a lot of one word titles in season 1, eh?)


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  1. We loved this episode! Lots of great moments and lines, plus some genuinely crreeeepppy scenes. They nailed it…I knew that there was some sort of good spirit, but didn’t guess who it would be, nothing like a good surprise. The foreshadowing of whatever is going to go on with Sam was well played too. (my wife and I are nOObs to the Winchester World.)

    • Hi Mark! πŸ™‚ So glad you & your wife loved this episode πŸ™‚ It is still one of my favorites, even after 8 seasons. I think it was probably so awesome because it was written by series creator Eric Kripke. Yeah, looking back already knowing all that’s happened, I can see the foreshadowing. At the time, it was just a cool plot twist and now I can see that episode set things up for all the seasons to come. πŸ™‚

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