Hookman Review – Supernatural Season 1, Episode 7

Happy Mother’s Day!

First things first – here’s a hug to all you moms out there:

Happy Mothers Day

The Hookman episode starts out in stereo-typical teen horror movie fashion. Boy takes girl down to the local make-out spot, scariness ensues:

opening horror show

– ending, of course, in the grisly demise of the overly-gropey boy.

ensued scariness

This invisible attacker brings Sam and Dean to town, (after a brief spat about it) where they meet the girl. A preacher’s daughter. The horror movie clichés are out in full force in this episode!

Preacher's daughter

The girl’s roommate is the next victim, and the murderer leaves a message on the wall for our innocent preacher’s daughter to find.

Aren't you glad

In between almost cliche-ing us to death, we get to the gold-nugget of this episode, which is the power of the salt. This is our introduction to the concept of salting and burning the bones (or remains) of a malevolent spirit in order to extinguish it – a concept that is one of the unique Supernatural “rules” that we love so much.

Goodbye preacher burning bones

The problem is, when Dean does this, they still haven’t gotten rid of the menace. While Dean is at the graveyard, Sam is sitting with the preacher’s daughter, having a moment of:

Window into Sam's character

Yeah. He knows what that’s like.

During this conversation, her father, the preacher, gets assaulted by the Hookman, and Sam and Dean realize the spirit is attached to the hook, so the second hunt begins.

They gather all the silver in Lori’s house (the preacher’s daughter), and burn it while under an adrenaline-enducing fight for their lives against the Hookman.


They finally figure out that Lori’s necklace is the melted down hook, and they toss it into the fire, giving us a moment for some awesome death-of-a-scary-dude special effects:

dying fx

We did get some of the usual banter between the boys and Deans humor, especially when they broke into the sorority house…

Breaking into sorority house

How did Sam even fit in that window? The thing that I really keep thinking while watching these first season episodes?

pillow fightsThey’re just babies!!

What was your favorite part of this episode? Did you, despite the inherent cheesy-horror-flick moments, enjoy it?


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