Episode Review – S1 E5 – Bloody Mary

I love the Bloody Mary legend, so when I saw that this was the show I was coming back from conference land to review, I was thrilled.

This episode had all the makings of a cheesy horror movie that we saw in episode 3, but this one started off with the young girls at a slumber party, sitting around playing “Truth or Dare.”

Slumber Party

One of them dares the other to go say “Bloody Mary” in the mirror 3 times. The deed is done and nothing happens. Nothing, that is, until the father of the house walks down the hallway. We then see the spooky apparition standing in the mirror.

Dad looks in the mirror.

Victim number one

Next thing you know there’s blood everywhere and a top-notch girl-scream.

Flash to Sammy, dreaming about Jess being barbecued – a little reminder about Sam’s anguish for those who may have forgotten.

Sam's recurring nightmare

They go into the morgue and try one of their ruses to get past the desk jockey. This one doesn’t work, though, so they have to fork over some cash to get in.  Seems the body has no eyes in the sockets – they’ve been liquified. I have to say that none of this bothered me the first three times I saw this episode, but this time I wondered what brought them to this case in the first place. A guy dying? Surely the liquified eye thing wouldn’t have been in the obit. As viewers we fully understand why they’re there, having seen the opening scene – or prologue, if you will – but the Winchester boys didn’t see what we saw, so what brought them there?

Anyway, the boys go to talk to the grieving family right in the middle of the wake. Awkward…


Nevertheless, the young girl responsible for chanting the lethal phrase admits that she did, and Sam and Dean suddenly have something more to look into.

I liked how they discussed that the Bloody Mary legend differs all over the country, and how they come to the conclusion that the legend actually begun in this town, and that is why it was manifesting.

Right about at this point I started to get distracted by how incredibly dark the show is. Not in subject matter, but in actual darkness on the screen. I have to strain to see, more than is comfortable. This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed it… but it got so irritating during this episode that I made a note of it.

Back to the story. Sam and Dean make their way up to the scene of the death, only to be caught by the cute girl. This girl startles me in that she looks a lot like Jo. Of course, if I was watching this for the first time I wouldn’t know who Jo was, but obviously that isn’t the case here. What do you think? Similar, right?

Girl who looks like Jo

Moving along – another girl chants the name three times, then, after stripping down to her underwear (because that is some kind of horror show necessity), the creeperiffic spirit in the mirror shows up and we get an up-close look at how the death goes down.

Girl in her underwear

Next thing you know, the girl-who-looks-like-Jo freaks out at school and her friend chants the cursed name three times. Only this time it isn’t the chanter that sees the mirror girl, it’s the girl-who-looks-like-Jo. She goes rather mental during class (and I honestly have a Nightmare on Elm Street flashback) and flees. Sam and Dean come to the rescue and cover up all her reflective surfaces – heh.

Reflective surfaces covered

After the boys do some searching, they figure out that people who have some sort of secret death in their past that they feel responsible for are dying – interesting because now you realize they weren’t just reminding us about Sam’s crispy girlfriend, you realize that he is a person that also feels responsible for the death of someone. So, of course, Sam volunteers to be the bait.

Dean resists.

Sam insists.

They make their way to the antique shop where they are sure this haunted mirror will be, but they unknowingly trip the alarm. So right after Sam chants “Bloody Mary” three times, Dean is forced to leave him and deal with the authorities. Some light humor there when Dean claims to be the bosses son and the cops say “You’re Mr Yamashiro’s kid?”

Meanwhile, Sam’s reflection is telling him off and Sam starts to lost the battle in an epic stare-down with himself. Dean comes in just in time and smashes the mirror.

Dean smashing mirror

It then crawls out of the frame and does that super-creepy jerk forward “The Grudge” movement that always raises the hair on the back of my neck.

Creepy Mary Crawling out of mirror

At the last second, Dean saves them by showing the spirit its own reflection, and it kills itself in the same way as it killed all the other people in a twisted karmic-irony kind of a way.

And after all that, we get a little taste of Dean’s humor as he looks around at all the broken mirrors:


So they say goodbye to the girl-who-looks-like-Jo, and Sam tells her she should forgive herself for the death of her ex-boyfriend. Dean says “Good advice.”

And then… in one of the most goose bump inducing scenes EVER, they drive by and Sam sees Jess standing on the sidewalk watching them. Chills! Still!

Sam sees Jess

And so, in closing, I still love the Bloody Mary myth and was glad they covered it, even if it was a bit too ‘b’ movie-ish. Also, what the heck was with all the mirrors everywhere? I swear everyone had a serious case of narcissism going on.

So I’ll ask you again… didn’t she look like Jo??

Girl who looks like Jo

Girl who looks like Jo




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  1. Michelle.

    Thank you for the great review, because I didn’t watch this one. Though I enjoy the show, this particular urban myth was was very popular during my young teen years. I was so sensitive at that age, that even the idea gave me nightmares. It seems that the sensitivity still lingers because when I read the description a chill ran up my back and I thought, “Yeah…no.”

    When I got up that night to use the restroom…I made sure NOT to look in the mirror.


    • Well, you didn’t miss anything that moved the over-arching story along, so it’s all good. Mirror stuff creeps me out, too, so I don’t blame you a bit!
      There is a pattern that develops with the show and that is that they have a couple of really intense shows that deal with the long-term story arc, then they do a silly episode, or one that is all about the hunt that they are on with not much substance other than that. I found it a relief when watching the whole series straight through on Netflix, but a bit annoying when watching it as the series aired. Fortunately, they usually filled it with enough humor moments to pull through. 🙂

  2. I watched this episode a couple months back and didn’t notice it being particularly dark but now I’m curious and may watch it again. Bloody Mary was one of my favorites when Supernatural first started, I think just because I have my own personal experience from the legend…but that’s another story. The last time I watched I remember thinking “Why did I think this was so awesome?” Also, that opinion may be colored by knowing how incredibly awesome the episodes after this one would be in the following seasons.

    I didn’t think about Charlie looking so much like Jo but now that you mention it, she kinda does. I do remember thinking at the time that the actress wasn’t that good. 😐 There were some really B-movie moments, like the girl stripping to her underwear. I was actually surprised you didn’t use the “Do I look like Paris Hilton?” gif but then I only found this one: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lidmvz6fkr1qavqhqo1_500.gif

    (yes, I’m now addicted to gif’s)

    In retrospect, this wasn’t one of the best episodes but you gotta love it for the creepy Ring-like girl crawling out of the mirror. That really did give me chills!

    Oooh Skin is next week! 😀

    • Ohhh and the hunt is on! Skin was so revolting at times, but really COOL, too! I can’t wait. Yeah, I left the Paris Hilton line alone mostly because I didn’t find the gif, but also because I know that Paris does a cameo in an upcoming episode.

      Thanks so much for covering for me Amy! And for continuing to follow along!

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