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*SQUEEE!!!* New Stories, Old Book blog has crossed 10,000 views! First, THANK YOU. If it weren’t for the support of all of you, the readers here who share in our #fangirling and add some much-needed #fanboying for the movies, books, television shows, and stories we discuss here, we wouldn’t be here at this landmark. I’m so grateful to all of you for your enthusiasm and continued reading, and grateful to the other authors of this blog Michelle, Jamie, Christine, and also Amy for filling in on Supernatural Sundays while Michelle was out of town.

I watched the most interesting TV program this weekend. There was a special on the Military channel all day long, tackling Biblical issues from so many different angles, many of them scientific. One program caught my attention: the story of the lost Gospels of Thomas, Judas, and Mary Magdalene.

The program detailed a lot of history about the formation of the church, and some of the reasons certain books may have been excluded from what we know as the “final draft” of the Bible, the accepted text we use today. But aside from the quest for power that early leaders of the church undertook, the Gospels that have been unearthed over time (in these clay pot things in Egypt, no less!) contain really interesting stories.


The Gospel of Thomas is particularly abrasive to the Christian religion because he talks about how mankind is no different than Jesus Christ was, and how it is only when we know ourselves well enough do we realize that Jesus was not “the child” of God, but rather one of God’s enlightened “children,” as we all can become. Although an inspiring idea, and one I think many modern Christians embrace, the church felt this threatened the power of “God’s Only Son” as Jesus is more orthodoxically known.

The Gospel of Judas paints a picture of Judas as doing a duty, making a sacrifice by giving Jesus the kiss of betrayal, and being loved by Jesus for his boldness to do so.


And the most controversial, and possibly influential Gospel, is that of Mary Magdalene. Mary’s Gospel tells a story of how Jesus explained the afterlife to her as a journey the spirit takes after death, in which it will face both angels and demons. But more importantly than the actual story of Jesus’ private conversation with Mary Magdalene is the fallout that came after: Peter was furious that Jesus would confide in Mary, a woman, before him and the other apostles.

Scholars and historians have carbon dated the earliest versions of the texts, and declared them not penned by the original Mary, Judas, and Thomas. I can’t say I’m surprised, but that doesn’t mean they are inauthentic. It just means the only copies that survive, today, are not quite as old as the historians need to prove they are part of the original Gospels.

But having a Gospel written by Mary Magdalene… a Gospel written by a girl… that shines a totally different historical light on the early origins of the church, and of the important role women played in supporting the religion. Mary, in her Gospel, is viewed as a minister, an equal to the disciples, and also as being worthy of receiving Jesus’ word first-hand, even when the boys weren’t around to hear what he had to say.


Women as influential writers in the church from the earliest days. *salutes Michelle, Jamie, Christine, and Amy.*

Thank you so much to all of the readers who have supported us on this blog, and I know it won’t be long until we’re celebrating 20,000, and more! You readers are amazing, and thank you so much for all of the comments, shares, and likes since we began this blog. It’s really an awesome place where we know we can explore all sides of Biblical FanFiction… even the rough drafts that didn’t make it into the final!

So, on that note, I’d like to share with you the opportunity to participate in a giveaway!

This is for my Vesper novella, GILDED DESTINY, which releases on May 13. But I have 10 Galley copies (advanced reader copies) available in a Goodreads Giveaway, and I’d love for you to participate! It’s a simple entry and the winners will be notified in a week!

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  1. Great post, Nola. ***salutes you back*** There is so much within the Bible that can’t be explained. And I find it ironic that scientists are the people verifying the authenticity of such written works – but that’s just me.

    As for 10,000 views – holy smokes! Looks like NS, OB has become a rock star – I’m happy to be along for the ride

  2. Nola, Thanks for another great post! Congratulations all on cracking 10K.

    Mary’s Gospel paints an interesting picture and thought provoking picture. Plus, it points us to things that a lot of people overlook.

    While the “big twelve” are listed as apostles, there were many disciples who followed Jesus. Among them, Mary. Was she important? Even if we only take the Bible as a source, of all his followers guess who is mentioned the most. Yep…Mary.

    If we underestimate the importance of women in the gospels, the early church, or the community of faith today, we do so at our own loss.

  3. Spike Cordiner

    Hooray! Congratulations on reaching the 10,000 mark!

    Talking of lost gospels, and if you haven’t seen it already, I recommend “Lamb” by Christopher Moore. It’s the gospel according to Biff, Christ’s childhood friend. A very well-researched piece of comic fiction with a lot drawn from the lost gospels.

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