A personal note about Boston with your Supernatural Sunday

For the second week, I am reviewing a Season 1 episode of the greatest TV show ever, Supernatural. This week I feel much differently than last week. While I am still excited and honored to write this post, it is with a heavy heart. The bombings at the Boston Marathon on Monday have weighed heavily on my mind and heart. Please keep the great city of Boston and its people, especially the families of those who have lost so much, in your prayers.

On a more personal note, I know someone, Joey McIntyre (@joeymcintyre), who had just finished the marathon a few minutes before the first explosion. It was his first marathon and his fans (self included) were all so incredibly proud of him. If you saw #RunJoeyRun trending on Twitter that morning, it was for him. We trended it for four hours while he ran until we changed it to #Way2GoJoe. His goal was to run it in under four hours. He crossed the finish line with a time of 3:57:06.

so proud

Eleven minutes later, the first bomb exploded. If he had run a few minutes slower, he might’ve been at the finish line. He’s a “celebrity” and a member of New Kids on the Block but I’ve met him several times and he’s the sweetest guy. I also consider him my running and writing inspiration. Joe was running for his mom, who has Alzheimer’s and raised close to $40,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association. I fear he’s having a hard time handling what happened. I know he’s strong but I’d just like you all to pray for him, his mom and his family, who were all at the marathon to support him. Thanks!

I have no words

Also, consider giving to onefundboston.org  if you’re able. Boston is a strong, proud city. Its heritage and history speaks for itself. This video also does an amazing job:  I know they will get through this and I know for damn sure they won’t cancel next year’s marathon. I hope to be there. Rather than deter me from running, Monday’s tragedy has inspired me to keep running and not only that, I’m going to run faster and harder. I plan to run a half-marathon in Wrightsville Beach, NC in 2014 and maybe, just maybe the Boston Marathon. If not in 2014, then in 2015. I want to run for those who couldn’t finish, for Martin Richard, Krystle Campbell,  Lingzi Lu and Sean Collier, for those who no longer can because they lost a limb due to someone’s hatred. And I will do it. I hope that you are all inspired to do something as well and that we as a nation don’t give in to fear. One last thing before I move on to Supernatural: Remember that many of the spectators in Boston were seen running toward the explosion rather than away from it. Remember all the offers to do something to help that I hope you saw on Twitter, like I did. Remember lightness will always dispel the dark. And remember this awesome Mr. Rogers quote:


Okay, deep breath. Now we can escape for forty-two minutes into the world of Supernatural, where the evil is more clearly defined and thankfully, make-believe.  PHANTOM TRAVELER was the first episode featuring obviously biblical themes. The episode begins with a guy who’s a nervous flyer about to get on a plane. In the men’s room, while trying to prepare himself for the flight, a puff of black smoke comes out of the vent and pours into his eyes. Creepy, right? Once on the plane, exactly forty minutes into the flight, the dude opens the emergency door, causing the plane to crash. This is the first time we see what will become a common Supernatural theme: demons as black smoke and black eyes to signify possession.

After that, the Supernatural team decided to send a gift to all of the Dean girls:

Sam and Dean are called in by an old friend of their dad’s to check into the plane crash since there was EVP on the cockpit voice recorder (they don’t do EVPs often anymore but there were several instances in the first episodes) that said “No survivors.” However, there were seven survivors of the plane crash. During the Winchesters’ investigation, they decide to pretend to be Homeland Security, which seems like a bad idea but you know the boys. They try to work it. Dean: “Man, I look like one of the Blues Brothers.” Sam: “No, you don’t. You look more like a seventh-grader at his first dance.” Dean: “I hate this thing.” 😉 They look handsome, though, don’t they?


Here’s Dean very proud of his homemade EMF detector. Sam is not impressed to find out it’s made from a Walkman. Heehee…

They find sulfur on the plane wreckage before the real Homeland Security guys arrive and they have to make a quick escape. They probably wouldn’t have gotten out of there in real life but I’m willing to overlook it.

There’s another crash—this time of a small plane being flown by the pilot of the ill-fated commercial flight. The plane crashes in a town called *wait for iiiiiiiit* Nazareth. Oh yeah, we’re not subtle with the biblical references anymore. This plane also goes down exactly forty minutes into the flight. Dean points out this is biblical numerology. The brothers realize something wants to take out all the survivors. They track down six, hoping to ensure none of the passengers fly again. Only one of the survivors is eager to get back in the air: Amanda, a flight attendant. The boys track her down to stop her boarding the plane. Their attempts fail miserably. Sam says their only choice is to get on the plane and try to find who the demon is possessing.

Dean’s reaction:

But they get onboard anyway. Thank goodness because we get all these awesome examples of Dean’s fear.

This episode also taught me that a possessed person will flinch at the name of Christ, but you have to say it in Latin: “Christo.” I now use it to check if my child is possessed or just throwing a tantrum. So far, I’m happy to report, she’s just throwing tantrums.

Sam and Dean find out it’s the co-pilot who is possessed and talk Amanda into bringing him to the back of the plane so they can perform a full-on exorcism. There is no barfing of pea soup, head-spinning or levitating but the demon does manage to take over the plane. Luckily, Sam completes the exorcism, but not before the plane nosedives and scares the hell out of everyone onboard. Pardon the pun. Of course, Dean takes it in stride.

The flight is saved, the demon sent back to hell and the Winchesters go back to land, where Dean is much more at home. They find out their dad’s voice mail has a message: “This is John Winchester. I can’t be reached. If this is an emergency, call my son Dean…he can help.”

Without a word between them, they get into Metallicar, as it’s lovingly known in the fandom, and drive into the sunset. I love this episode for Dean’s fear of flying, the introduction of demons and the first (of many) exorcisms. Also, for introducing me to saying “Christo” to check for possession. What was your favorite part? I love to discuss Supernatural so comment away! Also, feel free to comment on the first part of this blog post. #PrayforBoston


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  1. Great blog, wombie!!! Love the shoutout to Joe & I love the GIFs you picked from this episode. I don’t think I’d fully realized that this is the episode that really started the biblical comparisons. Awesomeness!!!! 😀

  2. Really touching…and insightful post Amy.

    I loved this episode. The way Dean’s fear of flying was woven in and played out really added to the mix. The biblical tie in’s weren’t forced, which is as it should be. That aspect is a fine line to walk and can be difficult, but they handled it with aplomb.

    • Yay! 🙂 I’m glad you liked it. They did handle it perfectly, not beating you over the head w/ the biblical aspects, just kinda casually mentioning them. Really loved this episode!

  3. Great post Amy! And thank you for sharing your personal story/connection to Boston and running. Wrightsville Beach….hmmm….I may have to check that one out. I lived in NC (Cary and Southern Pines area) for a few years and spent many trips to the NC shores. Love it!

    • You definitely should! 🙂 My friend & I are very excited about running that half-marathon. They do a full marathon too but not sure I’ll be ready for that. NC has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! (But I am biased) 😉

  4. My favorite part of this post? “I now use it to check if my child is possessed or just throwing a tantrum. So far, I’m happy to report, she’s just throwing tantrums.”

    Awesome job, Amy! Thanks so much for covering me!

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