Episode Review – S1 E3 – Dead in the Water

This week I am off to Vegas, working at the Henderson Writers’ Conference. Our most awesome friend and fellow Supernatural enthusiast, Amy Cavenaugh, has agreed to cover the next couple of episode reviews for me!

A bit about Amy:

??????????????????????Amy wrote her first novel at the age of fourteen, while singing along with her favorite group, New Kids on the Block. Now she’s thirty-something, still writing and still jamming to New Kids. She writes thrillers and is seeking representation for A SCARRED MIND, about a psychic who foresees murder and tries to stop a killer. In her spare time, she reads a lot of Harlan Coben, the occasional YA novel and the awesome work of her critique partners. Her favorite TV shows are Supernatural and Psych (yes, she’s seen every episode of both). You can find her on Twitter @AmyCavenaugh. Come by and say hi.

And now… here she is! (Thanks so much Amy!)

First of all, I’d like to thank Michelle for inviting me to contribute a guest post to #SupernaturalSunday. I honestly look forward to it every week and am honored she would pick me. I’m a bit of a Michelle fangirl, since we share a love of thrillers and the greatest show ever—Supernatural, of course! And she’s a Dean girl, too. Be still my heart. I mean…


And obviously…


Okay, that’s a couple of seasons ahead but anyway. 😀 Continuing with Michelle’s episode review of Season 1 (which is an awesome idea by the way!), I get Season 1 Episode 3 DEAD IN THE WATER. What a great episode! The first time we get to see Dean interact with kids and man, he really has a way with them. You wouldn’t expect it, given his womanizing nature. In this episode, we have this, after all:



In this episode, a series of mysterious drownings get the Winchesters’ attention. They introduce themselves as Wildlife Service Agents Ford and Hamill. Dean is Ford, naturally. While we’re at it, Jensen Ackles has my vote to play Han Solo in the new Star Wars film. Just saying.

We soon find out the drownings center around the families of two old friends. Lucas, a little boy, is the only witness and he hasn’t spoken since he watched his dad drown. As Dean says:


This gives us such heartwarming moments as:



I love Lucas’s mom and especially her way with Dean. For example, “Must be hard with your sense of direction. Never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.” You’ve got to love that she doesn’t fall for his flirtation, but later he wins over her son. How adorable is it when Lucas gives Dean the clues via his drawings? Lucas’s drawings help Sam and Dean figure out what’s behind the deaths. It turns out to be the vengeful spirit of a boy accidentally killed by bullies. Now the boy’s spirit is systematically taking out the family members of the boys who drowned him. Before long, Andrea and Lucas are the only ones left, along with Andrea’s father, the sheriff.

When the sheriff finds out Sam and Dean aren’t really wildlife agents, he runs them out of town. Their faces when the sheriff says he knows they’re not with the Wildlife Service = priceless. They’re like “We’re not?!” haha! Dean knows this isn’t over and says he can’t leave until he knows “that kid’s okay.” To which Sam replies, “Who are you and what have you done with my brother?” Dean: “Shut up.” Supernatural dialogue at its best.

The Winchesters save Andrea from drowning in her bathtub and soon find out the truth and that *gasp!* They can’t salt and burn the bones because when the sheriff and his friend accidentally killed Peter 35 years ago, they let his body go in the lake. When the sheriff says they’re insane:


Got to love that. The spirit lures Lucas to the lake and pulls him under. Sam and Dean try to find him but can’t. The sheriff ends up sacrificing himself to save Lucas. Dean saves the kid, gets a quick kiss from the mom and all is well. She even made them a plate of sandwiches for the road. Aww!

in closing

So I’ve got to say my favorite part of the episode was seeing Dean interact with Lucas because we learned he’s not just a horny hunter. He really is a big softie at heart. What was your favorite part of the episode?

I leave you with this magic…



About Michelle L. Johnson

Agent with Inklings Literary Agency, Author, and occasional wannabe comedienne. Firm believer in all things caffeinated. Represented by Jamie Bodnar Drowley.

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  1. Nicely done! I don’t watch Supernatural (let the beatings commence) but I enjoy these weekly reviews – I may have to start watching. Can’t wait to see what youcome up with next week.

    And, Amy, it’s like we’re sisters form other misters – NKOTB? We may have to fight over them. Harlan Coben? Genius. Thirty-something? We’re at the same party, my friend.

    Christine 🙂

    • *gasp!* You love NKOTB too? I am SUCH a huge fan, I will fight for them. 😉 But yes we should definitely chat! I only discovered Harlan Coben last year and was shocked to find my writing style is very similar. Love his books! And I love your blogs, too, btw, Christine. They’re always so witty & fun.

      Lastly, YES! WATCH SUPERNATURAL!! i’ve helped get at least two people into it and now they’re rabid fans.So watch out. it may take over your life. 😉 Kidding, kinda.

  2. Great post Amy. I don’t watch Supernatural either but I am hoping to find time this summer to catch up. It is so great to have you join in the NSOB fun! 🙂

  3. Great post, wombie! 🙂 Dead in the Water was my favorite episode for a long time. So much win!

  4. Amy, great review, thanks for stepping up. 🙂

    So…Okay…I’m in my body armor, helmet on.

    Though I do appreciate Amy’s thorough coverage…this episode just did, not do it for me.

    I love being surprised and unfortunately saw everything coming a mile away. I also found the moments as standard fare or redone from too many other movies/shows. “Tough guy is really a softy with kids” “Evil spirit/beast/monster comes through the pipes of a house” “Drowned person’s spirit drowns others” “Sheriff is actually bad guy.” “Naked woman murdered (or attempted).” Underdressed woman in a horror show is a sure sign she better watch out. (Why? Must they be punished for cuteness?) They all have been done too many times before. This episode lined them up side by side.

    ** cringes in anticipation incoming thrown fruit**

    That said. I loved Amy Acker’s portrayal of the mom. I tend to like her work in general and hey, she has cute teeth. 😀 Her shut down of Dean was perfect!

    • Actually, I tend to agree with you there, Mr. Bray. There was a LOT of cliche horror movie stuff in this episode. But my favorite parts of all of these episodes are how the writers manage to tie the victims’ pain in with the over-arching story line. When Dean is talking to Lucas and says this is my mom, with that hitch in his voice, my heart wrenched all over again for the Winchester boys.

      So what they ended up doing really well is taking a cliche horror movie plot and turn it into a character building episode that really locks the fans’ sympathy down. I think if the first two episodes didn’t hook you (on the characters) this one would have.

      That’s how I see it…

      Anyway… must go back to Vegasing. Yes, it is now a verb.

      • Thanks for your comments, Mark and Michelle! This is where I admit I don’t watch many horror movies. I did when I was younger but got turned off by all the gore in more recent horror films. The only one I’ve watched in the past five years is Woman In Black and that was only because I have an inappropriate crush on Daniel Radcliffe. Ahem. And yes, it did scare the crap out of me. I guess it’s weird that I love Supernatural and don’t watch horror movies. That said, I probably wouldn’t have noticed the horror movie cliches. Now that you mention it, I can see them, but like Michelle said, that’s one of the things i love about Supernatural. They can take something that’s cliche — vampires for instance — and breathe new life into it, making it unlike anything you’ve seen before. Or at least unlike anything I’ve seen. It’s also true that this was very early in the show and the writers were maybe still finding their way with these characters. But for me, it strengthened Dean’s character, made him more human instead of just a badass hunter. Even if it might’ve been cliche.

        Also, Vegasing is an excellent verb. I’d like to Vegas again! Only been once. Go watch the Bellagio fountains for me at least once, please. Oh and have the frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity. 😀

      • Vegasing…I am SO stealing that.

        Fortunately, I was locked in tight to the characters during the first two episodes by the very thing you mentioned: The way their personal loss and pain drives them forward. 😀 Have a great convention, Michelle.

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