Jensen Ackles Interview

No, I didn’t get to interview him myself. But I was scouring the internet for little-known Supernatural information and came across this interview from January of this year.

In it they talk about Jensen’s expected child (this summer!), which I knew about and we get to watch him be all cute and humble about it, but also they talk about something I didn’t know – that his father, Alan Ackles, was in an episode this season and that Jensen directed that episode.

Since it’s Easter, and we all have our Easter plans going on, I thought I would share this interview with you, and return to the episode reviews next weekend. I tried everything to embed this darned video but no luck, so here’s the link! Enjoy!


Happy Easter!


I though since I was reviewing the coolest series ever, I would share a pic of the coolest Easter Bunny ever. If you haven’t yet seen this movie – do! It is incredible, and talk about taking old stories and myths and owning them!

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  1. I’m a superfan I guess because I knew when the episode was coming that Jensen directed. 😉 (No, I just follow a lot of fan twitters) Here’s the info on the episode his dad did: Because I was very Jensen-obsessed a few years ago, I know he also did a movie called Devour with his dad. The movie wasn’t that great but Jensen was incredible. It wasn’t horrible like say, My Bloody Valentine 😉 but Jensen’s performance always knocks it out of the park! Happy Easter btw! 🙂

    • I didn’t know. I was neck deep in the agenting world and not coming up for air at the time. Okay, that really hasn’t changed. Haha.
      I am going to have to look “Devour” up! It sounds horrible, but I like cheesy horror movies. #GuiltyPleasure

      • Haha! So have you checked out Devour yet? I have the DVD if you can’t find it. *blushes* It was in the bargain bin at Blockbuster before they closed 😉 But it’s worth it for Jensen awesomeness.

        I used to like cheesy horror movies but they turned me off when they became more about gore than actual scares.

      • I haven’t! But I haven’t had the time to look. Maybe it will be on Netflix. Yeah, I’m not big on gore either, but sometimes the movies are so bad you can tell someone popped a bag of ketchup where there was supposed to be blood and that just makes me laugh.
        If I can’t find it, I’ll let you know!

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