Faith in Promises-The Bible

“The Bible:  In the beginning.” Moses-Aaron-The-Bible-History-Channel

The first episode of The Bible takes viewers through the biblical stories of Noah, Abraham, and Moses.  The story opens with Noah consoling his family during the flood by recounting the beginnings of creation.  It then transitions to Abraham and Sarah’s relationship and finally Moses and his struggle to lead his people to freedom from the Pharaoh.  The theme centers on the promise from God to his people.


Faith in a promise is a tool used in several well-read fictional works. From Charlotte promising to save Wilbur, Severus Snape promising to protect Harry Potter, or Atticus Finch’s promise to never lie to his children.  It can be said that a story is a promise between the printed word and the reader.  The “promise” is that the story will give the reader drama, a journey, and a climatic ending.


The Bible so far has done a good job in keeping its promise.  The first episode has taken several prominent stories from the Old Testament and presented them is a style that is visually appealing and inspiring while remaining accurate to the Bible’s scriptures.


Do you have other examples of having faith in promises in today’s fiction?

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