Supernatural Sundays – Kevin Tran, the new Moses

Good morning!Good morning

Okay. It’s not really morning. I usually write these the night before and schedule them. Why? Well… before coffee…

People skills

Since I’m all nice and caffeinated now… I thought I would talk about Supernatural’s Kevin Tran. He’s pretty awesome.

Advanced placement

He has some aspirations

Kevins aspirations

He has a pretty awesome mom

Kevin's mom

Who won’t stop at anything to protect her son, including going toe-to-toe with the King of Hell

Kevin's mom 2

Before Kevin met the Winchesters, his life was pretty quiet

Kevin 5

His meeting with Sam and Dean was a little… jarring.


When he found out they had the Word of God he tried to steal it. Kevin is certainly an interesting spin on Moses carrying the tablets down from the mountain, bearing the word of God. In true Supernatural fashion, they gave him an average name (not unlike Chuck, the prophet).

Kevin with the word

Once they figured out who he was and that his purpose was to translate the Word, Sam and Dean took it upon themselves to protect him.

Protect Kevin

And even though he can get a little overwhelmed at times


They still love him.

Kevin hug Dean

Kevin has some pretty good, Supernatural-esque lines, like…

Kevin 4


Kevin 3

And he’s sympathetic to his friend’s problems –

Kevin 1

He’s had some pretty badass moments –

Kevin 2

And though Kevin is about as far from Moses as it gets, and the Word of God has been made into (one of many) highly powerful instruction manuals, to do things like… shut the gates to Hell for all times,


and possibly even one to destroy all the angels, which Castiel does not think is very cool…

Angry Cas

it is definitely one of the more creative spins on the Biblical Fanfic that Supernatural is so well known for.

ummm yeah

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  1. I can’t believe I never saw the obvious Kevin/Moses connection! It’s so straight forward now. I like Kevin. I like that he’s not a bad ass fighter. I like that he more of a “real” guy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Moses got the Word of God from the mountain… Kevin got it from the loony bin. Not exactly a straight-up connection ๐Ÿ˜‰
      I just love how they take snippets and make them their own. I could #fangirl about it all day!
      Thanks for stopping by, Fiona!

  2. I LOVE Kevin! I love Mama Tran! And I love this blog ๐Ÿ˜€ Possibly the best thing to come out of season 7 & no I’m not one of those people who thinks it was their “jumping the shark” season. I’m really glad to see Kevin keep popping back up & I hope it stays that way & he doesn’t die! I, too, could #fangirl about it all day. I love how Supernatural constantly takes some biblical legend & makes it their own in like, the coolest way possible. My only question is why do we have to wait until March 20 for the next episode?? Waaaah!

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