A Biblical Flurry

b671dc7926e28c994936be8f493a6720In our posts, we often discuss Biblical themes in fiction, cinema, and media.  What about when the Biblical story is the theme all by itself?  There have been books, movies, and mini-series that depict biblical stories throughout our media culture.  UnknownIn fiction literature, “The Red Tent” and “The Song of Solomon” are favorites.  In cinema, biblical epics seem to come in waves each decade.  From the post World War II classics as “The Ten Commandments” and “Ben-Hur” to controversial modern day works like “The Last Temptation of Christ” and “The Passion of the Christ” there is never a lack of material in the Old Book.  The good news is if you are a fan of Biblical stories, there is about to be another surge of chronicles hitting the market (and if you are an aspiring author, this may be the next big theme)!  “The Bible” on the History Channel, from Mark Burnett, is a 10-hour mini-series docu-drama.  According to Burnett, his overarching goal for making “The Bible” (which airs on March 3) is to fight what he calls “biblical illiteracy.”  Burnett said that he wanted to give the story some special effects on par with current movie projects and get ahead of what he thinks is going to be a flurry of Biblical Hollywood projects in the coming year.


That flurry includes Russell Crowe’s upcoming epic “Noah” and Steven Spielberg making a movie about the life of Moses “Gods and Kings.”  Warner Brothers has recently purchased the rights to two manuscripts, “Pontius Pilate” and “Exodus.”  Sony Pictures is developing a supernatural spin on the story of Cain and Abel with Will Smith directing, “The Redemption of Cain.” Lionsgate will soon be distributing “Mary, Mother of Christ” the prequel to “Passion of the Christ.”  Finally, in the literary medium Bill O’Reilly is adding to his widely popular historical series of “Killing Lincoln” and “Killing Kennedy” with “Killing Jesus.”

What Biblical stories would you like to see portrayed in cinema or fiction?  What theme is primed for Hollywood or a novel?

Whatever your opinion may be I think Mr. Bock at Grace Hill (a media company that specializes in bridging Hollywood with religious themes) said it best, “you have two cultures that are rediscovering each other. Hollywood has the best storytellers. And religion has the best stories.” http://www.history.com/shows/the-bible


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  1. I love Biblical stories. They truly are the best… the Bible is full of intrigue, betrayal, murder, love and redemption, everything needed for a fantastic story. It sounds like most of the major stories of the Bible have been told, but there are some fantastic tales that could be told from a different perspective, which I believe would make great cinema… the story of King Saul for instance.

    He was the first anointed king of the Israelites, but he turned out not to be so fabulous. He constantly rebelled against God’s instructions. Saul simply couldn’t let go of his intense jealousy of David, his own son-in-law and God’s chosen replacement for him. His own son, Johnathan, helped David escape his attempts to murder him. Saul repeatedly disobeyed the Lord, even going so far as to kill a high priest, when the priest helped David by providing provisions and weapons, thus losing the Lord’s favor completely. It went downhill from there. When David spared his life, not once, but twice, he was humiliated.

    At one point, desperate for help from the Lord, but finding none, he consults a medium to call Samuel, God’s prophet, from the grave to beg for help (this is a BIG NO-NO in the Bible). Samuel tells him God will not help him,and neither will he. Instead, Samuel foretells of Saul’s death at the coming battle with the Philistines, leaving Saul depressed. In the end, three of Saul son’s die on the battlefield where Saul is seriously wounded. He begs his sword-bearer to kill him, but the sword-bearer is afraid of what the Lord would do to him and refuses. To avoid capture and torture at the hands of the Philistines, Saul takes his own life by falling on his sword.

    Talk about action! His story has been told, but I’m unaware of it being told from HIS point of view… it might have been done… if so, I hope they did it justice.

    Great post! Thanks for letting us know of the awesome things coming from Hollywood in the near future.

  2. Oh, I love that quote from Mr. Bock of Grace Hill! Off the top of my head – or maybe because I was talking about the story with one of my children this week – the story of Hosea and his unfaithful wife, Gomer (?), could be interesting on the screen.

  3. Hmm? Very interesting. I hadn’t heard about any of this. It’s refreshing to see Hollywood work on some of these projects. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for a few of them.


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