Supernatural Sundays – Chuck Shurley

Good morning!

good morning

Wait… need more coffee…


Oh yes, that’s so much better! So where were we? Oh yes, Chuck Shurley.

Prophet Chuck

I can’t even tell you how that line made me howl the first time I heard it!


Chuck was played by Rob Benedict (Rob’s IMDb here). Rob is full of all sorts of awesome. Did you know he was also on Buffy?


Anyway – Chuck Shurley was boatloads of awesome.


Because he was a writer. And he knew

writing is hard

But also, because his character held so many secrets  and had some great lines

molar in my hair

But I think my favorite thing about Chuck was that they left us thinking that he might actually be God.


So that is my question for you all today. How many of you thought Chuck was God? And if you don’t think Chuck was God, how do you explain that last scene?

I asked Cas, but he’s not telling.



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  1. Of course I want to believe Chuck was God because that means THE WRITER IS GOD. 😉 Truthfully, the writer IS God, in a way, because we control everything that happens in the pages of our books. Those are our worlds. I think the writers in all their infinite brilliance totally meant for Chuck to be God. I love the idea because Chuck was imperfect. He was not what many would call a holy man. No one would look at him and wonder if that was God incarnate. It’s like that song from the 90s, what if God was one of us? He probably does walk among us, or maybe He is a part of all of us. I’ve thought for a while that God is in everyone and everything, an integral part of this beautiful world He created. I’m very interested to see what others think. 🙂

    PS-LOVE the gif’s 😀

    • It’s true, the writer is God of their own created world between the pages. I think it really was a stroke of brilliance (another one) on behalf of the writers of Supernatural, though. I read an interview that said that Chuck the character was a nod to Eric Kripke. Well… since Chuck wrote all of the Supernatural books that seemed obvious.

      Either way, Chuck was awesome. And yes, Amy, I loved that song from the 90s, too! (And now it’s stuck in my head lol)

  2. Chuck Shurley I do Believe in you thank you for giving me this task you were good writer I think your books made everything so real like I’ve been there.

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