Supernatural Sundays – Jo and Ellen Harvelle

Good Morning!

Good morning

I thought I’d do a little tribute to some of the ‘minor’ characters I really loved on Supernatural, who played a major part in why I loved the show so much.

Samantha Ferris EllenJo gulping

So here is the story of Ellen and Jo Harvelle.

Sam Approves

We first meet them in the clown episode. You remember the one…

The Clown

The widow of a hunter, Ellen was a strong woman. One of the only people or things ever to really scare Dean, other than Death.

Ellen glaring at Dean

Well, there was that kitten in the locker and the cute little puppy but Dean wasn’t in his right mind then.

Kitten in locker

Okay, I am sure there are other things that would scare him…

Dean scary moment



We have a rather humorous moment when the Winchester boys meet the Harvelle girls

Jo and Dean meet

Ellen’s daughter, Jo, desperately wanted to become a hunter like her father.

Jo and her knife

So much so that she followed Sam and Dean out on a case,

trouble with Jo and Ellen

and they wound up having to use her as bait.

Jo attitude

Momma didn’t like that much. Not much at all, and that is when she let the truth slip about how her husband died – while out hunting with John Winchester.

Jo upset

That puts a crimp in their relationship and we don’t see them again for a while, though when Sam is possessed by Meg he does kidnap Jo and supply her with a nasty ding to the forehead.

Sam possessed

Jo and Ellen are out for a couple of years, but then reappear when the apocalypse is going down they are under the illusion cast by one of the Horsemen. They hallucinate demon eyes in each other.

Everyones a Demons

A month later they come back, and give everything to help Sam and Dean stop the apocalypse.

badass Jo

Castiel told them

before the picture

And they took a picture. That picture still brings tears to my eyes, but this version brings about a somewhat bittersweet smile

Laughing pic

Jo’s performance was incredible,

Jo crying

and Ellen’s

Ellen Crying

There were no dry eyes in my house when she held her daughter’s hand for the last time.

no dry eyes

I keep hoping they’ll find a way to bring them back somehow, and they have in the episode where Balthazar unsinks the Titanic. But it was short-lived. I’d hoped that Ellen could stay, and be a part of Bobby’s life – how cool was that?!

Titanic episode

And as for Jo, for a character that was only in 6 episodes, she really has stuck with me.

another Jo and Dean moment

I think in my heart of hearts I always hoped that she would stick around. They always had this chemistry

Dean and Jo

And maybe she could get together with Dean and be the one girl who would survive it.

final kiss goodbye

*sigh* A girl can dream, can’t she?

Jo ghost

Thanks for stopping by guys! Let us know how you feel about Jo and Ellen. Do you want to see them come back, too?

All shares and likes are appreciated!

and they wound up having to use her as bait.


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  1. I LOVED & miss Ellen & Jo! Honestly, I didn’t want Dean & Jo to hook up but I definitely miss her on the show. (Maybe i just want Dean for myself haha!) I keep hoping there will be a way to bring them back too. The show needs more likable female characters who don’t die. πŸ˜€ PS – thanks for throwing in the clown. :/ Was that just to scare people like me? *cries *

    • Sorry Amy! I couldn’t resist the creepy clown. I was looking for that gif last week but couldn’t find him waving. πŸ˜€

      Honestly I was shocked at how little they were actually in the show for what a great impact they had. I wonder what would happen if we started a petition?

      • Yes they really weren’t in that many episodes but were so memorable. Awesome characters! πŸ™‚ maybe we could start a petition. If you start it, I’ll sign it. πŸ˜‰
        The clown = yikes! But it is a cool gif πŸ˜‰

  2. I’ll sign, too! I loved Ellen and Jo, and you’re right–I had no idea they were in so few eposodes. They were tough, brave and loving women, and brought a balance to all that awesome maleness the show does so well. Why not have some awesome femaleness? Maybe that’s what they need to win the final battle… yen and yang. I vote to bring them back!

    But that clown, Michelle…! He just has to go. Like–now! Clowns have always scared me, and I must admit, I have a really hard time watching that episode. The other one that totally creeps me out is the Bloody Mary episode. O.M.G. That one got to me!!!

    We’ve been having a Supernatural Weekend with my 16-yr-old son, two teens who are staying with us this week while their parents are out-of-town, and my son’s girlfriend. We all went to the mountains for the weekend, skied and then hunkered down with Sam and Dean while the winds howled and the snow drifted. What a weekend!!

    Home now. More Supernatural later tonight!

    Thanks for another excellent post!

  3. loved ellen. she was a tough lady, i wish she and jo were still on the show. Ellen was sort of like a surrogate mom to the guys.

  4. I loved Ellen and Jo and before the apocalypse I did hope that something would grow from the chemistry between Dean and Jo (so heartbreaking); he is a family man at heart and she was one of the few women on the show that could understand/handle life with the Winchesters.

  5. Ah!!!! The clown gives me nightmares. I loved these two. I think they’ve done the we’d have to quit the lifestyle to be happy thing way too many times. Hook those boys up with some tough hunter girls and let them roll down the road together. Then at the end they could all go out in a blaze of glory.

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