Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs


I was watching a Disney classic the other night with my daughter, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. I have seen this movie and read this book a thousand times, but this was the first time that I really listened to the story that was being told. It is a perfect book/movie to discuss on New Stories, Old Book since there were so many biblical connections throughout, at least in my opinion.

Perhaps one of the most obvious biblical references is the poisonous apple that is offered to Snow White. Do you see this as an allusion to the fall in the Garden of Eden? Snow White appears to be the image of innocence and is tricked into taking the apple and falling into a deep sleep.


I also believe that the evil witch is intended to be symbolic of the devil throughout the story. There are multiple suns and snakes (biblical imagery of Lucifer) displayed in the background when she is present and her throne is a carved peacock (a symbol of pride and Lucifer’s first sin). Her evil nature and actions are apparent references to darkness, sin, and temptation.

Could the prince be the symbol of eternal happiness? He rescues Snow White with true love’s kiss and then guides her to his golden castle in the clouds. This story seemed to be a natural progression of innocence, the fall to sin, and then redemption of sin and resurrection. What other examples have you discovered in this Disney classic that may have biblical references?the-prince-gives-a-kiss-o_4ba7978bb5fd4-p


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  1. The first one I thought of was The Little Mermaid, with Ariel signing over voice to find love. But that may be more indicative of Supernatural and a crossroads demon. Shows where my head is at 😀

  2. I think there could be a whole other post about the *Seven* dwarves and their names!

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