Movement and Character

I’m a bit late in posting today for no other reason than my routine has been disrupted by a husband ripping out my bathroom – my one and only bathroom with a shower. SO I will apologize and move on – I’m sorry folks šŸ™‚

Today’s little tidbit of Biblical FanFic has me thinking of a movie that starred Denzel Washington. (swoon-worthy, for sure)


The movieĀ Fallen has me thinking about the physicality and movement of our antagonists. Of course, the discussion could include protagonists and such but, for this post, let’s talk about our bad guys(s) (gals).

In the movie, Denzel is a detective who takes down a serial killer, Edgar Reese, and watches as the man is put to death. Oddly, shortly after the death of the serial killer, people start popping up using Reese’s mannerisms, speech patterns and very soon, the killings begin again – mimicking the kill patterns of Reese. Confused yet? I was, at first. What happened in this particular movie is that theĀ soul of Edgar Reese moved from his body and attached to another. This way, the evil was able to jump from person to person and taunt Denzel’s character. It was really cool.

The best part – Edgar’s soul was actually that of the angel Azazel – an angel cast down from heaven and denied physical form. I did a bit of research on Azazel and he is not someone I’d want to cross. He is one of the worst of the Fallen, the darkest of angels.

This had me thinking. How do you “move” your characters? Do they just pop-up, out of nowhere? Do they fly? How do you give them form? With angelic images becoming more and more prevalent in literature, I wonder, is it movement and physicality that would separate one author, one book, from another? What will be that one thing, that one sparkles-in-the-sunlightĀ thing that would make the genre explode? If you figure it out, let me know. For now, I’ll just be workin’ on it.




About Christine Hughes

A few things about me in no particular order: 1. I love the NY Jets (I know, I know...) 2. I love where I live. An hour to NY, Philly and the Jersey shore. 3. I have two boys and they make me laugh hard enough to blow liquids out of my nose. The hubs is funny enough to make me pee my pants. Not that it's ever happened. Of course not. 4. Being a writer is the best job on the planet, and not just because I can wear jammies to work, drink coffee by the gallonful, randomly catch up on my DVR'd shows, troll YouTube, flip on E! News and browse iTunes - all in the name of research. 5. I have some of the best friends in the world - they put up with my inappropriate jokes, foul mouth, strange musings and don't judge me if I drink too much wine on a Tuesday. Just sayin' - a girl needs her friends. 6. Represented by the most fabulous Michelle Johnson of Inklings Literary Agency. I fell into it with her - she is perfectly amazeballs. LOVE!

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  1. Fallen is one of my ALL TIME favorite movies! Christine, you just keep reviewing all my favorites! I love it!
    Azazel is definitely one of the worst villains ever. Just seeing your post makes me want to go watch the movie again.
    And now I have “Time is on My Side” going through my head.

    Having said that – my vampires wouldn’t sparkle if I wrote them, nor do my angels flutter. They move. Sometimes they fade in or out. Sometimes they rain down from the ceiling in an epic display of spirit energy and reform as solid beings in front of their unsuspecting daughters.
    You know. Stuff like that.

  2. I agree! I never would’ve made any character sparkle but for some reason, it worked. My angels seem to be everywhere at once, filling heads, knocking down trees, and caressing a cheek – I picture some of them to have faces that shift a bit, for a split second, when angry so my protagonist begins to question her sanity. But I do like your idea of epic displays of spirit energy. That’s got a really cool visual attached to it….

  3. Maybe it’s what you are working on that will make the genre explode. By the way, you had me a Denzel, you had me at Denzel.

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