The Blessed by Tonya Hurley

theBlessedThe Blessed is unique and offers a fresh, new, gripping story to the Young Adult Paranormal market. New York Times bestselling author, Tonya Hurley, creates a deeply complex and conflicted story that is dark yet beautifully creative.

One ill-fated night in Brooklyn, three young women end up in the emergency room after experiencing separate life-threatening incidents. Agnes is a catholic schoolgirl who attempted suicide, CeCe is a musician who drowned in a pothole, and Lucy is a social party girl who overdosed. Each of the characters arrives at the hospital with nothing in common. When they leave however, they each share a common thread, an antique chaplet given to them by Sebastian, a mysterious person who believes he is a saint. The gifted bracelet leads them to Our Lady of Perpetual Blood on a stormy night.  From there the girls are drawn into a modern day version of martyrdom by Sebastian and caught in a hellish battle with an evil psychiatrist.39915795

The four main characters in The Blessed are named after saints. When you hear the word saint, most of us think of peaceful, holy, and virtuous beings. In this story, the “saints” are truly depicted as martyrs along with the blood, torture, and agony that this sacrifice entails. The Blessed is not for the faint at heart and the author doesn’t hold back in her descriptions. The main characters are flawed in their own ways and are even antagonistic at times.  Within each of their journeys is a struggle they must triumph and a purpose they must realize. There are elements of religious history throughout the story, which I found enjoyable, but it is not too overwhelming and is nicely woven into modern day city life.

The story is dark and artistically creative. The actual book itself is an amazing piece of art. My personal copy is displayed on my bookshelf at home. The cover is breathtaking and I found myself tracing my finger along the intricate designs throughout the pages. The Blessed is the first in the trilogy and I am looking forward to future novels.

Tonya Hurley is also the author of the New York Time’s bestselling Ghostgirl series. She has an extensive background in nearly every area of teen entertainment in creating, writing, producing, and directing. You can learn more about the author at and The Blessed series at The author currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. I am proud to acknowledge that I am from the same hometown and attended the same high school as the author.

Which one of Tonya Hurley’s books do you love best?



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  1. This sounds dark and lovely! I will put it on my list of books to read!

  2. Awesome Paula, I can’t wait to discuss it with you.. Her Ghostgirl series is just as awesome!

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