Supernatural Sundays – Castiel

castiel_wingsOne of the most impressive (in my opinion) characters the writers of Supernatural ever brought into existence was Castiel, “Angel of the Lord.”

Played to perfection by Misha Collins – so well that you forget about his role playing the real-life, infamous serial killer Paul Bernardo in the movie “Karla” – Castiel stole the scene when he entered Sam and Dean’s lives.

An awkward angel sent to pull Dean out of the fires of Hell, he quickly worked his way into our hearts with his moments of questioning his Divine orders, his desire to protect his human charges, and his straight-man humor that, at times, Pamela's eyessaw my television screen in real danger from having coffee splattered all over the screen with burst-out-laughing moments that were always impeccably timed. So quickly did he work his way into our favor that we brush aside the fact that he burned out poor, beautiful, fun and flirty Pamela’s eyes. Burned. Out. Her. Eyes.

Some good guy, right? But that is the beauty of the character. Everything he does (at least initially) is done with pure intent. He did warn her, after all, not to look directly at him. Even when he unleashed the Leviathan upon the world, we still rooted for him. Cass, our loveable tarnished angel.

The great thing (okay, one of the great things) about Castiel coming into the show was the introduction of angel lore. That Supernatural spectacular thing that they do that makes mythology their own. And their lore grew richer with each episode, making their biblical fanfic angels truly characters of their own design.

I will delve more into their created angel lore next Sunday, but in the meantime, I leave you with this slideshow of some of Cass’s finest moments:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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  1. Definitely one of the greatest characters on TV EVER! I was just thinking about how incredible he is recently, when I watched the first episode he was in again. In my totally biased opinion, Supernatural is the best show ever made and Castiel took it to a whole other level of awesomeness! And also some of the best dialogue ever. Love the slideshow! One that always makes me laugh is when they were looking for God and Dean said something about he was spotted on a tortilla in New Mexico and Castiel said, “He’s not on any flatbread.” LOL! ❤ Castiel! Thanks for the great blog, Michelle!

    • Thanks Amy! I LOVED the tortilla dialogue – that was another of those near-disasters-with-coffee-spray moments! I wish I had remembered that for my slideshow. Castiel pulls off the straight lines so well. He really did bring the show to a whole new level.

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