Supernatural Sunday – Lilith

LilithThe legend surrounding Lilith has always fascinated me. She is the most well known demon in ‘demonology.’ Her biblical appearance is brief – a wilderness demon shunned by the prophet Isaiah. She makes a comeback in Jewish sources later as the first wife of Adam.

The story goes something like this: she refused to be subservient to Adam and thus was cast out of Eden. I believe the wording included something about her not being willing to ‘lie beneath him.’ Well. So… she didn’t like the missionary position. Maybe she was bored. Maybe she just needed a little 50 Shades in her life. In any event, she was traded in for the younger, more subservient model, Eve.

Adam, Eve, and LilithBecause Genesis 1:27 first states that God created man and woman, (meaning simultaneously) then later in Genesis 2:21-22 it states that God made Eve from Adam’s rib, (after the fact) that leaves room for the argument that the woman who was made simultaneously was, in fact, a ‘first wife’ of Adam, who popular myth names as Lilith.

In Supernatural they have taken Lilith to a whole other level, combining some of the pagan myths with some biblical bad-assery and they come up with a monster who makes demonic deals and seals them with a roll in the hay, who has white eyes rather than the usual black (or the yellow of the arch nemesis of the first few seasons). She has power to kill people with the flick of her wrist, controls Hell-hounds, dines on virgins, and has an affinity for young girls. Oh yes, and coincidentally she is the last seal on Lucifer’s cage in Hell.

And this is the thing that sets Supernatural apart. They take a mythical/biblical creature and they make it their own. The writers have perfected the art of taking a pinch of Bible, a dash of Hebrew, a smidgen of Pagan, and tossing it all together to make a show that I (and millions of other viewers) just can’t get enough of.

And that, my friends, is what biblical fanfiction is all about.S&D


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  1. Love the story of Lilith! Great post, Michelle.

  2. I must admit, I’d never heard the lore that Lillith was Adam’s first wife and I find this truly fascinating! And also a little scary because I wouldn’t have been subservient to him either!! Lol… Thanks for this post!!!

  3. I didn’t know Lilith’s story, either so I’m fascinated to hear it. I’m surprised I hadn’t heard it since I was once very into the Supernatural fandom and learning about the real legends behind the series.

    Michelle, one of the things I love most about Supernatural is how they make all of these “true legends” their own. Their take on heaven rocked my world. That was so incredibly awesome! And vampires — I don’t like vampire stories but the ones on Supernatural are so different and so well done. That’s why I also love this blog! 🙂

  4. Thanks for another wonderful post, Michelle! I remember researching the mythology of Lilith when she first appeared on Supernatural, (yes, I’m the kind of geek who does that stuff) but I’d forgotten most of it! I, too, love the way they mix up existing mythology and then add their own twist. It’s the best part of Biblical Fan Fiction… mixing what we accept as real through theology with a twist of imagination to make fiction.

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