New Year and High Hopes!

GOOD MORNING! (shouted in my Do-You-Have-A-Headache-voice) 🙂 Just kidding.

Happy New Year to all!


2012 was a fantastic year for me, but I think any year that starts off with, “Oh, hey, this year has that doomsday prophecy…” can be a stressful one, so as we head into 2013 I am excited to see all the joy and anticipation for a better year ahead. If my friends’ Facebook statuses are any indication, we’ve all got some wonderful aims and hopes for 2013, and I’m happy to say that here at New Stories, Old Book, we are no exception!

In 2013, you can expect plenty of new author interviews, guest authors, and of course, our wonderful Supernatural Sundays posts by Michelle Johnson. And Christine Hughes joins us as a regular blogger, which is definitely a cause for celebration!

In addition to the usual lineup of awesomeness, we also hope to keep you updated on our personal book progresses. For those of you reading who joined us after our launch, I’d like to let you know a little bit about each of us as authors and the books we write. Jamie, Michelle, Christine and I are all authors of Biblical FanFic and we’re all deeply immersed in the process of being published, which is a long journey with many bumps in the road. Authors receive many more rejections than acceptances along the way, but that makes the positive moments even sweeter, sometimes. I know I feel extremely fortunate to be on this journey with such wonderful, supportive women as the authors of this blog, because we don’t have to go through the waiting process, the bumps, or the joyous moments of success alone.

Jamie is a Literary Agent at Corvisiero Literary Agency and the author of JINX, a YA coming-of-age love story about a girl who discovers her true nature as a Guardian, represented by our very own Michelle here at New Stories, Old Book. JINX is currently on submission to publishers, and I couldn’t be more excited for Jamie’s success!

Michelle, the Literary Agent who represents both Jamie’s book and mine, and is also the author of LEGACY, Biblical FanFic novel about the Archangels and the woman they bred to join them. LEGACY is represented by Stacey Donaghy of Corvisiero, and is also currently on submission to publishers! I can’t wait to hear more about LEGACY’s progress, but I’m sure Michelle is even more excited than I am.

Christine was kind enough to give us a really thorough showing of her work here in her interview, including an awesome sneak-preview of her current work in progress. She will keep us all posted on the progress of the sequel to TORN: DARKNESS BETRAYED, that Christine is currently writing. Her other novel, Three Days of Rain, releases this Saturday!

And the first novel in my VESPER series, BOUNDLESS OBSIDIAN, a dark twist on Original Sin, is also currently on submission to publishers thanks to Michelle’s fantastic representation. The waiting game is hard, but we’re lucky enough to do it together and I’m sure we’ll have plenty of exciting, good news to share as the year takes off!

We want to thank you all for being a part of this journey, and look forward to sharing new, exciting fiction, our successes and all the amazing things the world of Biblical FanFic has to offer as we carry forward into 2013. YOU are what make this little niche of ours so special, the readers, fans, and writers, and we couldn’t be more grateful for your support.


About Nola.Sarina

I am an author of dark fantasy, horror and paranormal romance books. My dark fantasy series, The Vesper Series, is a twist on Original Sin. The series is represented by Michelle Johnson of Inklings Literary Agency. I find my favorite books with new takes on all things supernatural, paranormal and biblical, including vampires, angels and demons, and am an advocate for the New Adult market category for fiction.

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  1. Awesome post, Nola! I feel fortunate to share your journeys as well. Although I’m not as far along in the publishing process as you, Michelle, Jamie and Christine, I hope to be there one day. Thank you for sharing your insights, enthusiasm and struggles with those of us who love Biblical FanFic and writing!

    ~ Paula H

  2. You’re welcome, Paula, and thank you for your support, as always!

  3. This is always so much fun for me to read. I wrote a contemporary YA retelling of the book of Esther this year and started one for the book of Ruth, and I love to see people doing similar things and actually taking them on submission! Best of luck to you all!

  4. Great Post Nola! Happy New Year 🙂 Here’s to a wonderful 2013!!

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